Explanation of online giving

In our digital age when people are increasingly paying bills and conducting commerce online, New View Church has chosen to make online giving available to those who are interested.

You are free to give weekly via the weekly offering in the gathering, by mailing your contribution in to the office, or now by the internet and we welcome you to give whatever God has called you to, however God has called you to.

The technology that permits online transactions via debit cards also permits giving via credit cards and makes no distinction between the two. We strongly urge no one to give their tithe or gift on their credit card unless they are able to pay it off each month because we do not want God’s people going into debt. But, if you intend to pay off your balance each month we believe that is an issue of conscience and leave that between you and God.

Donate Securely


Reasons to Give

As a way to tithe

Tithing is a Biblical principal of setting aside the first 10% of our income as a way of recognizing God’s leadership in our life.

To gift or donate to the church

Such gifts go to where there is the most need. People often consider the tithe to be a maximum. The Bible teaches that the tithe was just the beginning of gift giving.

To give towards a specific project or ministry

Throughout the year, we have several different projects that we give towards that are outside of our regular tithes, including the Mazatlan Missions Project & our annual Vision to Victory offering.